Preparing for Your First Baby

If you’re having your first baby, the delight and excitement of the imminent event may make you overlook the practicalities of kitting out your nursery. You don’t have to rush out and buy up the shops but there are some essentials which you’ll need to buy before your baby is born.  The following ideas can be used as a checklist when preparing for your first baby.

Clean and Comfy

One thing’s for sure and regardless of gender, your baby will need changing on a regular basis so nappies are essential. Most people go for the convenience of disposable nappies, but if you are especially environmentally aware, you may wish to opt for terry nappies. Along with the nappies, you will need a cream or ointment of your choice to prevent nappy rash and some talcum powder.

Convertib le Crib and Change Table    Many people change baby on a bed, but this can lead to back problems for the mother so a changing table is a good idea. Failing that, a changing mat which you can put on a table or chest of drawers of the right height is an excellent alternative.

Shopping list:

Nappies – smallest possible + soaking bucket if you choose terry nappies
Barrier cream
Baby talc
Changing table/mat


It is not recommended for tiny babies to share their parents’ bed so baby will need his own cot and bedding. A nightlight is a good idea so that you don’t have to put on a bright overhead light when you go in to check on baby. A baby monitor will let you know as soon as baby starts to cry or even move around in his cot. A mobile above the cot can keep the baby entertained and interested if he happens to be lying awake.

Shopping list:

Night light

What to Wear     Baby Boys 9 piece Bodysuit Gift Set

A tiny baby really only needs a selection of babygrows, and babies do grow really fast so you may find that buying lots of clothes is a waste of money.    In any event, you will probably receive lots of baby clothes as gifts, so you might want to wait until after the baby is born before you splash out on anything more.

Shopping list:


Feeding Time

What you need for feeding obviously depends on whether you choose to breastfeed or not. If you do, then you may want some items for your own comfort but if you want to bottle feed, there are a few things you’ll need.

Shopping list:

Bottles and spare teets
Formula milk of choice
Sterilising equipment

Out and About

Baby Travel System  If you want to take your baby out in the car you will need a backward facing infant car seat. Choose one that can be easily removed from the car and which comes with a pushchair frame so you can transition from car to walking without disturbing the baby.

Shopping list:

Rear-facing car seat
Compatible pushchair frame

Whatever you decide to buy be sure to include these essentials when preparing for your first baby. Browse the pages of Mother Baby Products and you’ll find everything you need.

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